GUEST POST: MRU students takeover!

As part of their semester at Mount Royal University, four students are taking over Branch Out’s news page for a series of guest posts.

February 10, 2014


We are Kurtis, Shae, Kelsey and Elizabeth and we are a team of public relations students currently in our third year at Mount Royal University. This semester we have the exciting opportunity to work with Branch Out Neurological Foundation, and we can’t wait to lend a helping hand for all of Branch Out’s PR needs.

As part of our work, we will be bringing you weekly posts right here on the Branch Out blog. Each week we will be putting up a new post, which will include special interest stories on Branch Out’s contributors, updates on upcoming events, and interviews with various professional athletes.

As some of you may have heard, there is this little thing called the Winter Olympics taking place this month in Sochi, Russia. To get into the Olympic spirit, this month we hope to be bringing you interviews with both past and present Olympians who are all supporters of the Branch Out Foundation!

We’re very excited to be working with Branch Out this spring, and feel blessed to be a small part of such an important cause. Check in with us right here every week for exciting updates and interviews. And don’t forget to follow Branch Out on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on blog posts, Branch Out news, and event updates.

Get to know the students!

First of all, here’s a little more about our team, and why Branch Out’s cause is important to each of us:


I have always had an interest in natural health. My parents have been natural health consultants since 1992. They became involved because of family health concerns, but after helping themselves, they began to help others. I have an interest in Branch Out because I have seen the first hand effects that natural health and ulterior methods can have, and they are powerful. The fact that Branch Out strives to be fun, youthful and energetic really speaks to me, and it really sets it aside from other foundations. I am excited to be part of the cause, and ready to see what our time with Branch Out has in store.


I love how Branch Out offers a sense of support to people suffering from all types of neurological disorders. The organization’s mission to raise awareness and provide information to those affected is evident in everything Branch Out represents. The way Branch Out provides support in a youthful, dynamic and energetic manner sets itself apart from other organizations.


What drew me to Branch Out most was the inspirational story behind the organization - the way Crystal overcame adversity and continued to pursue her passion, ultimately creating Branch Out. As an athlete myself, I like the way the foundation brings the athletic community together to support such a great cause in a fun and active way.


Branch Out’s cause is one that hits close to home for me. Two very dear people in my life suffer from MS and Parkinson’s disease, and I have witnessed first hand how a natural and active lifestyle can help people afflicted with neurological disorders. When we were given the opportunity to work with Branch Out, I leapt at the chance because their philosophy and vision is inspiring, and its fun and vibrant approach brings a unique perspective. I am excited to be involved in such an important cause, and I hope our work can make even a small difference in raising more awareness for Branch Out.

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