Special Purpose Grant

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Principal Investigator

Research Summary

Using the various headings below, please provide a brief description of your project. Please be as clear and concise as possible.

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Lay Summary of Project

Please summarize your proposed project


Please describe the current state of research on your topic and the key knowledge gap that motivates this study.

Hypotheses for Special Call

Please list up to 3 specific aims and their corresponding hypotheses for your project. Please comment on how each aim aligns with the goals of the Special Purpose Grant that you are applying to.

Methodology and Timeline

Please describe the procedures that will be used to execute your study and the proposed timeline for the project.


Please outline how the requested funds will be utilised to executed the project.


Please outline any feasibility concerns for your project, as well as steps taken to address them


Please justify your proposed sample size with a power calculation


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Academic Impact

Please describe how your project advances the scientific understanding compared to existing studies in the literature.

Community Impact

Please describe your knowledge translation plan to extend the impact of the project beyond an academic setting.
Projects Relation to our NeuroCAM Mandate
This section should include a classification of 1 or more NeuroCAM Modalities
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