Grant Application Form

Thank you for your interest in our grant programs on NeuroCAM research and advancing innovating brain health solutions from the lab to the bedside. 

About our Grant Program

Welcome to the Branch Out grant application form for our undergraduate and graduate level grants. Before continuing, please ensure your eligibility for the grants and read the FAQs to ensure you are answering each question appropriately. A printable copy of the application questions can also be found there.

In addition to your application, you will need your project supervisor to submit an academic reference form. You may provide an optional second academic reference. Please ensure they submit by the application deadline. Please also ensure that your supervisor is aware that this is a matched funding opportunity where they are expected to supply 40% of the stipend salary if applying for our Graduate Grant

Grant Type

Personal information

Please upload a PDF of your curriculum vitae (a condensed version, no more than three (3) pages). Please make sure the following are included:
Relevant research experience
Relevant community service work
Formal contributions to science (e.g. peer-reviewed publications)
Non-formal contributions to science (e.g. book chapters, conference presentations, etc.)
Awards and grants
Any other personal, professional, or cultural experiences/skills you wish to highlight

Project summary

Please describe the rationale, methods, hypotheses, and potential impact for this project.

Our Scientific Review Panel comes from a diverse set of scientific backgrounds. Please write clear enough for a general academic audience, yet with key aspects articulated for experts in the field to understand the rationale.

Please see the FAQ document for guidance on how to proactively address common reviewer concerns.

For Undergraduate Applications, please use no more than 750 words
For Graduate Applications, please use no more than 1000 words
Relationship to Branch Out's mandate

In 400 words or less, please describe how this project applies to Branch Out's funding mandate. Below are some suggestions:
How does this project align with one or more NeuroCAM modalities?
Comment on both the basic and applied science aspects of this project.
Is there any community impact that could stem from this project?

Lay summary

In 100 words, please provide a lay summary of your project aimed at a high school level audience.
Personal statement

Please provide a personal statement that includes previous research experience, career aspirations, or prior personal/professional/cultural experiences that have influenced the trajectory of your research program and/or broader career. Our reviewers want to know how this grant could be a valuable training opportunity for you. Please use 250 words or less for this section.
Is there anything else we didn't ask?

This is your opportunity to say anything else that you think may be helpful in reviewing your application but has not yet had an opportunity to be highlighted. We encourage non-traditional students to provide any relevant context for their application in this section, using 250 words or less.


Please list your supervisor and an optional second reference

Remember, your references will need to fill in their own surveys by the application submission deadline. If they haven't already submitted their reference surveys on your behalf, they may find the link to do so on our grant information page.


Please upload a copy of your unofficial transcript. (Accepted formats: .pdf, .png, .jpeg and .jpg)